Wanted - Classic Car Related Holiday Snaps

Welcome to the official website of the South Wales Classic Car Club.  The Club was formed by a small group of enthusiasts back in 1983 and has taken a dynamic path to get to where we are today.  We currently have a membership of around 100 classic car enthusiasts, mainly from South Wales, but with some as far away as Bristol to the east and Pembrokeshire to the west.
The SWCCC represents a great opportunity to meet fellow old car and modern classic enthusiasts and strike new enduring friendships, based on a common interest.  All you need is an enthusiasm for classic cars – you don’t need to own one to become a member!  
We are a very diverse group and member's cars range from fairly modern Japanese sports cars, through 1960's and 70's British standards  to vintage Rollers, with examples of a lot more in -between.
There are regular gatherings and organised runs throughout the year and our annual show, Classics in Cardiff, is run entirely by volunteers from the Club. The money raised enables donations to be made to various charities serving the South Wales area.  
If you are interested in joining the South Wales Classic Car Club or would just like to see what we get up to, the come along to one of our monthly meetings or regular coffee mornings, or join in with a driving event, the details of which can be found on this website. 
Whilst all of the above is certainly true we always look forward meeting new classic car enthusiasts because the ultimate survival of the club relies on a regular intake of new members. 

Mark Daniel reflects below on a another great day out with the SWCCC and associates:

Aileen Woyka and her pride roared into action once again on Saturday 5th August, for the annual gathering at the Porthcawl Rugby Club. It was evident that great effort had gone into planning a wonderful atmosphere, and was heart-warming to see the youngsters running around and having fun. In fact it looked like most of the people were smiling most of the time. The biggest smile observed was that on the face of our favourite radio presenter and MC, who had definitely been Evoked for the proceedings.

The Mayor, on a tour of the exhibits, seemed impressed by the display of classic cars and even stopped to talk to me about my van, which was largely otherwise inconspicuous. Unlike the Hyde's Rover parked adjacent, oh and the red E Type roadster parked the other side.  One gentleman did stop and reminisce about ownership of a similar van, which he used in his business selling bicycles.   A great deal of the day was spent sitting in the shade behind the van, chatting to other club members and waiting for the kettle to boil eventually on my camping burner.  This was near the Rugby Club's scrummaging device which attracted a lot of attention from people walking by and gave the athletic types a chance to demonstrate their knowledge of the national game to impress their partners or children.

Head judge (not the one from the Farm Foods TV ads) Marie Adams, treated her role with the respect commanded by the effort gone into preparing so many of the cars on display. In fact, there was a really human and poignant story behind the Car of the Show, which no doubt Marie will be delighted to share when you see her.

Once again, the weather defied predictions on the first Saturday in August and despite the warnings of a cool showery day, I suspect that mine was not the only face in need of the juice of the famous dessert fruit, later in the evening.

My day started with the company of MA for breakfast at Tesco, Culverhouse Cross, when we shared ideas for celebrations of the SWCCC's thirty year anniversary next year, and I learned the name of the role of holding the end of a climbing rope, which explained the absence of Paul and Morgan.

A bit later in the morning, after linking up with Malcolm (thanks for the photos) and Sheila Selley's Harvest Gold 1300 on the A48 just past Bonvilston for convoy to Porthcawl, we joined the tour of dozens of classic cars around the town to promote the event. This part of the day was extremely disciplined, for a long time at least. However, order did turn to disorder as the town’s regular traffic and traffic controls served to break up the procession. I'm pretty certain in fact, that the mayoral car was back at the show ground long before some of the erstwhile followers, who were forced into free styling once detached from the cavalcade.      It was nevertheless fun to be part of the procession and share a wave or two with non-discriminating onlookers.


I had thought that the day's events were over for me when at home later in the evening, until the phone rang from Dave Hyde on his way home, who had just witnessed a high speed police pursuit on the M4, the outcome of which I found out later serves as reminder for us not to take our motoring passions for granted....

Holiday snaps:

Ian Nisbet spotted at Nolton Haven? Apparantly Not!

Ian Thomas shopping for souvenir's !