Congratulations on the success of Classics in Cardiff 2016

Classics in Cardiff 2016 - A Personal Tribute

The radio alarm came on, much too early for a Sunday, but just in time for the weather forecast for the day ahead. Okay so far, but watch out for the occasional isolated but heavy downpour - keep positive. Arriving at the Cardiff City Football Stadium for Classics in Cardiff at 7am, all seemed a bit too quiet, most of the Show Committee members were on site but no sign of much activity, while calmly, efforts were made to trace the van keys!

Being in charge of late entries did not involve anything to do with Rally Control or the associated club set up, so the hunt for a trestle table was on. Chris Martin, the site manager duly obliged and Nigel Taylor hauled the table to the appropriate station. Work colleague Paul Kehl and his daughter Harriet had kindly accepted the invitation to process the late entries and it was a relief to see them arrive on the dot of 7:30am as promised. Tracey Daniel, who dealt with the late entries last year, showed them the ropes, and they competently went about their duties.

When returning to Rally Control, there was a flurry of activity, with the van keys having been furnished, so high visibility waistcoats were obtained and delivered to Paul and Harriet. In the mean-time Tracey had stationed herself at the main entrance to sort out the exhibitors, late entries and visitors. Mixed in with these were exhibitors and visitors to the craft fare and car-booters, with a high degree of diplomacy being required to deal with these other groups, who were not expecting what greeted them on arrival.
Some of the craft exhibitors had attended on the previous day and therefore presented themselves at the 'Asda' gate, which was still locked and had to be opened to let them in. The complication being that classic car exhibitors who had  not noted the  road signage, and expecting the show to be in the same place as last year, were able to come in through that gate, bypassing the intricate admissions protocol, which was by now working well.
It was therefore necessary to abandon the vital task of shielding Paul and Harriet from the torrential rain shower with an umbrella to take up a posting at the Asda gate to shepherd the respective visitor parking and redirect the classic car visitors into their designated entrance. This was easy enough because the classic cars looked and smelled great and the visitors generally had electric windows!

Abandoning this post at 10:30 am to wrap up the late entry station was a welcome relief from explaining to the many drivers expecting a car-boot event, who were confused,  as this was still clearly advertised on more that one giant the banner attached to the fence, but they were gently let down at......driving into the exhibitor area revealed how well attended the show was and how inclusive it felt.

Soon afterwards. a glimpse of our special guest Connie Fisher, who had agreed to officially open the show explained why there was a buzz of excitement around the show, which soon turned into a gathering of fans who wanted to see and hear Connie being interviewed by friend of the club, GTFM's Ian Edwards.

Shortly after this, I spotted Tracey, who had now been joined by her mother, Liz, carrying a little girl and flanked by a man from the military.  This curious episode was explained by a young man from the Fast Ford club busting into tears of relief at being reunited with his daughter who had wandered off while he was briefly distracted.  
Tracey's other good deed of the day was to walk round with one of the signed footballs selling raffle tickets, which significantly swelled the takings.

The award ceremony was really heart-warming, and it would be churlish to contradict any of the selections for accolades. However the best part of the day was standing at the exit thanking all the participants and seeing them waving and smiling back. Fantastic!

Mark Daniel

Please let us have your personal take on any aspect of the show that you would like recorded on this website, thank you.


"Welcome to the website of the South Wales Classic Car Club.  The Club was formed by a small group of enthusiasts back in 1983 and has continued to go from strength to strength.  Today it has a membership of around 100 classic car enthusiasts mainly from South Wales but with some coming from as far away as Bristol to the east of the region and Carmarthenshire in West Wales.

A huge part of the Club’s success is because it is a great place to meet fellow enthusiasts and make new friends.  All you need is an interest in classic cars – you don’t even need to own one to be a member!  The type of classics owned by South Wales Classic Car Club members range from vintage Rolls-Royces and sleek Jaguars to the humble BMC  family saloons from our younger day.  But, regardless of the vehicle(s) owned or aspired to, everyone is welcome.

Our annual show, the South Wales Classic Car Show, is run entirely by volunteers from the Club and the money raised enables donations to be made to various charities serving the South Wales area.  Follow the links for more details of the South Wales Classic Car Show and the charities we have been able to support."

A candidate for most modified Morris Minor at the club's show on 8 May - phew what a scorcher!

Download your Classics in Cardiff 2016 Registration Form Here:

The Membership Secretary/Treasurer delivered good numbers for both aspects at the 2016 AGM. Membership is on the up following concerted efforts in 2015, and the coffers are more healthy than for  couple of years. The big trick from the Chairman was a version of the time warp - keep an eye out for the next Dragon Wheel for details!
The committee were re-elected, although there are vacancies if any members are interested, and the photographic competition for 2016 was announced - details to follow.
 2016 Photographic Competition:

Subject - The most interesting vehicle

Rules - Images must be from 2016
          - Of any motorised vehicle
          - Free to enter for club members and family
          - One image per person to be e-mailed to Mark Daniel
          - Closing date Sunday 13 November 2016
             - Winning Presentation made at December Club Night
          - Judge is Paul Shackson, PR Consultant