Next Coffee Morning confirmed 10.45am at Rhondda Heritage Park, Trehafod

An invitation From Nigel Taylor:
"I have been invited to display two of my cars at the Great Western Auto-jumble & Car Show on the 13th and 14th February at the Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet, BA4 6QN, I will be representing our club, so if anyone would like to visit over the weekend, it would be nice to see you. 
This is not one if Nigel's but you get the gist!
A message from Marie Adams:

Please could you add a 'thank you' on the website from me for all the cards and the beautiful orchid I have received since my operation. I've really really, appreciated that as well as everyone's support.

"Hi Mark,

I wish to express my delight and honour on receiving the 'Colin Cronin Memorial Award' on the night of the Christmas raffle,and also being lucky enough to win a raffle prize too, a great night was had by all.

I believe someone photographed my presentation (sorry don't know every ones names yet) and would love a copy of the picture if possible please.

Also wish to say what a pleasure it is to be part of this friendly and welcoming club.

              Best Wishes Everyone for a Great  2016
                                                                                     Terry Wilde"

Welcome to the website of the South Wales Classic Car Club.  The Club was formed by a small group of enthusiasts back in 1983 and has continued to go from strength to strength. 

Today it has a membership of around 100 classic car enthusiasts mainly from South Wales but with some coming from as far away as Bristol to the east of the region and Carmarthenshire in West Wales.
A huge part of the Club’s success is because it is a great place to meet fellow enthusiasts and make new friends.  All you need is an interest in classic cars – you don’t even need to own one to be a member!  The type of classics owned by South Wales Classic Car Club members range from vintage Rolls-Royces and sleek Jaguars to the humble BMC  family saloons from our younger day.  But, regardless of the vehicle(s) owned or aspired to, everyone is welcome.
Our annual show, the South Wales Classic Car Show, is run entirely by volunteers from the Club and the money raised enables donations to be made to various charities serving the South Wales area.  Follow the links for more details of the South Wales Classic Car Show and the charities we have been able to support.
Download your Classics in Cardiff 2016 Registration Form Here:

Tributes for 2015

This year’s annual gala Dinner Dance was held at the Manor House, Sully Road, Penarth. All 50 places were taken and paid up in advance, although the opportunity for sparkling repartee (and media coverage) was diminished by the absence of GTFM’s Ian Edwards who sadly did not make it on the night.

The change of venue was in response to the committee’s decision to seek an alternative to the hotel that has served us well over the last few years, but their requirement for the booking to be confirmed by payment of a deposit early in the year, was considered too inflexible. As it turned out, the venue suggested by Dave Housley and procured by Kim Hyde was indeed excellent. The ambiance was light and festive, the food was extremely tasty, generous and piping hot (those who had the soup will no doubt testify!), and the cost per head great value for money for such an event. From what was picked up on the grapevine during the evening, there are no plans to look elsewhere for 2016.

It was truly memorable to experience the gravitas afforded by some of the club grandees, in very smart black tie, with their partners looking equally glamorous for the occasion. This is not to suggest that moments of frivolity  were absent, in fact there was a spontaneous(?) musical tribute to Malcolm and Pauline Champion, led by the Ian Thomas / Marie Adams table. Their waitress must also have been named Caroline, as a diamond musical demand for the third course also erupted at one point.

With due solemnity, John James said grace for the meal, which once consumed, was followed by our chairman Ian Nisbet's presentation of a beautiful bouquet to Kim Hyde, with thanks for making the evening possible. Ian then moved on to   presenting the awards, as is club tradition. This year there were some surprising twists, however, with an additional award on the night, and an award to a husband and wife team who have undoubtedly brought an extra dimension to the club in 2015.
The additional award of '' The Derek and Pat Farr Trophy'' is awarded to the spouse or partner of a club member who has made a significant contribution to the running of the club. This year the recipient was Paul Adams for his contribution to the club's attendance at shows throughout the year, and whom Ian described as the "chief bacon butty processor!" Well deserved.

"Enthusiast of the Year awarded to Dave & Kim Hyde"

Ian went on to advise that "the award for Dave Hyde and Kim Hyde, is 'Enthusiast of the Year' - awarded for showing exceptional enthusiasm towards the tasks they have volunteered for during the year." Again, richly deserved.


The final chairman's award of the night is perhaps the most eagerly anticipated and coveted, which this year was particularly well deserved, but certainly took the recipient by surprise, as Ian commented when confirming that "the award for Malcolm Selley, is ''Clubman of the Year'' and is awarded to the club member who has contributed most to the development and organisation of the club". Very well done and sincere thanks to Malcolm.

Ian Nisbet presents the top award to a shocked Malcom Selley

As an extra twist, and one that had been a well kept secret from the chairman since it's inception on 1st  August, a Special award was made by our vice-chairman Alan Jones  to Ian Nisbet himself!

Ian clearly doesn't know what's happening as Alan makes the presentation!

At the Lions Vintage Fayre in Porthcawl it was suggested to a random group of committee members who happened to be in the same place at the same time, that the chairman is notionally excluded from receiving an award, as these are in his own gift to award.

The idea soon developed into that of a 'one-off' award to Ian, in recognition of the tireless work he has done towards improving both the profile and status of the club, largely behind the scenes.

"SWCCC Special Recognition Award" to Ian Nisbet
A plan was hatched that we would ask Ian to pose with his beautiful Riley for a website photograph. It was decided that Paul Adams would take the  photograph at the end of the show, together with a photograph of Alan with his stunning E-Type, for the website feature.

We hope the mounted and framed photograph, with a plaque stating: "SWCCC Special Recognition Award" will soon find itself on the wall in Ian's study, so he can be regularly be reminded of the esteem with which he is held in the club.

Club Night Raffle (Update)
Since altering the premise of the raffle earlier this year, whereby the value of prizes increased to around £20 and all surplus was used to buy additional prizes, to be subject of a free draw in December, the activity has gone from strength to strength. Tracey Daniel has been largely instrumental in guiding selection of the monthly prizes and was in-fact  given total autonomy in selecting and purchasing  items for the bumper draw. The star prize of a DAB radio is now in the proud possession of one Morgan Adams, which is greatly deserved, for his effervescent personality and perhaps un-noticed contributions to the club.
We have already started to create a surplus from December's draw, and Tracey will therefore be looking out for items through the year, ready for December 2016.

Just call me 'Raffles'

One From Autumn Colours:
Mel O' it isn't!