Phew What a Scorcher!

Welcome to the official website of the South Wales Classic Car Club.  The Club was formed by a small group of enthusiasts back in 1983 and has taken a dynamic path to get to where we are today.  We currently have a membership of around 100 classic car enthusiasts, mainly from South Wales, but with some as far away as Bristol to the east and Pembrokeshire to the west.
The SWCCC represents a great opportunity to meet fellow old car and modern classic enthusiasts and strike new enduring friendships, based on a common interest.  All you need is an enthusiasm for classic cars – you don’t need to own one to become a member!  
We are a very diverse group and member's cars range from fairly modern Japanese sports cars, through 1960's and 70's British standards  to vintage Rollers, with examples of a lot more in -between.
There are regular gatherings and organised runs throughout the year and our annual show, Classics in Cardiff, is run entirely by volunteers from the Club. The money raised enables donations to be made to various charities serving the South Wales area.  
If you are interested in joining the South Wales Classic Car Club or would just like to see what we get up to, the come along to one of our monthly meetings or regular coffee mornings, or join in with a driving event, the details of which can be found on this website. 
Whilst all of the above is certainly true we always look forward meeting new classic car enthusiasts because the ultimate survival of the club relies on a regular intake of new members. 

Thank you.

Something for our canine friends..........
Dogs TrustThe Dogs Trust at holding their Fun Day at Pencoed College Campus on Sunday 25th June. The South Wales Triumph Club will be attending, but there is space for a few more classics. If anyone is interested please contact Mark Daniel on 07973 220 283 who will liaise with Linda Feagan, Supporter Relations Officer, Dogs Trust Bridgend.

Automobile Cooling Systems

Any oil-powered car engine may produce temperatures in the neighborhood of 2500°C. Approximately 70% of the energy from fuel combustion is converted into heat. This requires a high capacity cooling system to prevent the overheating of the engine. Most current engines are water-cooled. Water has the advantage of a high heat capacity, but the disadvantages of a relatively high freezing point and relatively low boiling point for the purpose of auto cooling. Typically a mixture of ethylene glycol and water is used in a pressurized cooling system to transfer heat from the engine block.
The advantage of the lowered freezing point is obvious, but the raised boiling point is also significant and makes the antifreeze solution important in summer as well. The above boiling points are at atmospheric presure, but a higher maximum operating temperature can be achieved by pressurizing the cooling system. It is typical to have a spring-loaded pressure cap on the cooling system which permits the pressure to rise to about 14 to 15 lb/in2 above atmosphere (i.e., an absolute pressure of about two atmospheres). For the coolant mixture, this can raise the boiling point another 25°C or 45°F.

CiC 2017, A Personal Comment:
How much of a success CiC 2017 was   is a multifaceted and complex matter for the Show Committee to explore, decide what worked and what didn't and move on . There were some distinct highlights, however, my favourite part is always watching the cars leave after the show; where else could you see hundreds of classic cars in motion without moving yourself . Definitely some lessons learned as well, which need to be aired and resolved at committee before being discussed here. Watch out for CiC 2018, which, with luck and judgement on our side will prove to be brilliant.

Having proposed the inclusion of the arena area (after watching too many programmes where the class winners got to parade in front of the show goers), there was a need to  overcome the serious reservations about allowing any vehicle movements during show opening hours. After long debate and eventually winning the day on this topic, I assumed full responsibility for the arena!

No, I'm the real Ben Collins!
Credit to Ian Thomas for having the foresight for what happened next. A bearded man with what appeared to be a degree of common sense backed up with quiet confidence just appeared at a Show Committee meeting one evening.  Without undue formality Kevin McMullin then threw himself into co-producing the arena activities, promising (and delivering) experience and resources, vital to making the arena viable.

 In the mean time, the SWCCC’s own version of the famous co-eponymous double act, in this case branded The Two Ians had secured the services of Gavin and the GTFM Radio Road Show, and the inimitable Ian ‘Driver’s Seat’ Edwards to provide continuity music, live interviews and activity commentary.

In hind sight, without this professional quality help, my sunburnt head would have been a lot worse, from having pulled out what little hair I have left. Praise indeed is due the expert marshals, who work only for the love of cars, and engendered huge confidence in going about their business.

I would also like to pay massive tribute to Blain Thomas and the other police officer’s in attendance who were all great sports, and, to Ryan McTiffin with the Llantrisant Flying club for the spectacular displays in the arena. It goes without saying that the we couldn’t have done it without the St John’s Ambulance being reassuringly in attendance and the wonderful ATC cadets who were all fantastic fun and brilliant to work with! My thanks also go to Paul Kehl and Harriet Kehl for once more stepping into the breach with the late entries.
On a more sombre note, my thoughts go to the trader who had to leave before the event got going – I hope you soon feel better.

I know that I have been very selective in my observations above , and make no apology for it. But there were lots of other aspects to the day, and tribute where it is due will surely appear in The Dragon Wheel or on our Facebook page sooner rather than later!

Mark Daniel, Web-Master

The Best Image From CiC 2017? (Courtesy of Terence Wilde) 

"This next one is one off my latest the way this bed feels none too steady"

What news of CiC 2018? Someone must have asked....well that's a funny thing, because there is news. The intention is to hold the show in the same place, and hopefully on the same calendar weekend next year, subject to confirmation from Chris Martin the Cardiff City Football Stadium Manager, who has been a brilliant supporter of our efforts over the last three years, once the football fixtures are resolved.

The club wants to make more of the Arena and so Mark Daniel & Kevin McMullin from Pro-Drive will be putting their heads together shortly to work on some ideas.  Please contact Mark with any suggestions.