Gallery 2016 and earlier

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Autumn Colours 2016

Autumn Colours 2016 ~ Terrence Wilde.. more below 

Where is this?

Dave Hyde: Drive-It Day 2016

Dave Hyde From The 2016 Swallow Run

"I wish I'd brought my hat too!"

"Is it this way to the toilet?"

More Images before the Swallow Run 2016 t
aken by Adrian Taliana
Your webmaster waiting for the off!

True Grit

Every one a  real head turner

A super-eclectic mix

Always triumphant!
Chilly Willy 2016 (photos - Dave Hyde)

The following selection are from Terry and Margaret Wilde  ( Eunos roadster )

Autumn Colours:

Three of the best below:

Who's this driving? - and what a great photo!

A 1971 Marcos - formerly owned by our erstwhile Ferrari driver.

What a pretty car, also from the same photo album.
Riley Monaco 1932.

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Below - a selection from Dave Hyde taken at the Morgan factory:

Now, where did Pauline say to meet her?

Classic coach-building on contemporary running gear 

I'm going to have to press you for an answer on this one

Will you marry me?
I can't give you an answer now - it's all too sudden?

Sorry Malcolm, Kim got there first!

 Preservation Class Wannabes:

This selection were taken by Dave Hyde at Porthcawl:

"If only there was a mirror nearby" (She is pretty though)

Is this for the Admiral Classic Car Insurance TV advert?

Marie Adams' Citroen singled out, Morgan Adams rides shotgun

Back to the drawing board -why would anyone go to the trouble?

And A Few More From Dave at Pontypridd



We are privileged to have been sent the following images taken at Porthcawl show (01/08/2015) by David Swidenbank, the photographer who did our calendar shoot. (Can you spot the car of the show?)

 More From The Man Who Wears Shorts & T-Shirt Even When It's Cold:

New member Adrian Taliana captured how the club celebrated the 4th July at Tintern - thanks for the photos Adrian:

Adrian showcases his lovely MR2 (left of centre)

Ian Nisbet's MG 1100 recently back from France 

"Let me begin at the beginning ........."

Sleeping off a hearty lunch, perhaps?

Dolly looks like she's smiling!

"Well anyway, you won't believe what happened next ........."

"Blimey, did you just say what I though you said?"

Tracey Daniel Behind The Lens for this selection:
Defensive Driving To Keep Bob Marriott Behind

"I Don't Know Who He Is Either!"

A Touch of Classic Charm

An  Outtake From 100 Year Old Drivers?

A couple more from the camera of Dave Hyde:

Not the usual VW 'Bread Van"

The Wet Weather Won't Put Off These Die Hard Classic Enthusiasts

Our Chairman Ian Nisbet has sent us ten memorable images taken during a recent road trip to France:

Sublime stuff  and truly beautiful to behold


Have you worked it out yet?

What's the story behind this one?

"Left hand down a bit"  > > >>

> > > a very early example of self parking perhaps!


John James behind the lens once again with some fabulous images from Classics in Cardiff 2015, thanks John.



Photograph taken at Sully show of his MR2, by Ian Thomas


Some of our club cars -2015 Morris Minors show at St Fagans

Club cars backed up to the hedge!

The best of British from the club:


And the best of the rest on show: